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Nils Markgraf
B. Sc. Chinese Medicine (BUCM, China)

Jean-Baptiste Brochet
M. Sc. Chinese Medicine (GZUCM, China)


Herbal drug therapy is the main form of therapy in Chinese medicine. A prescription is not only based on a specific disease and symptoms, but it is individually tailored to each patients condition.

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Using acupuncture and supporting methods such as moxibustion, cupping, etc., a wide variety of ailments are treated successfully and above all, free of side effects.

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Tuina Massage

In Chinese medicine, manual Tuina treatment combines physiotherapy with special techniques such as acupressure and meridian massage, for example to treat pain or indigestion.

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Taichi Qigong

Study of movement and fitness, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and awareness training are, among other things, important topics for achieving holistic health and wellbeing.

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Online Video Consultation

If you cannot visit our practice personally for various reasons, we also offer consultation hours via video consultation.


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(+49) 0941 – 85 085 777



Edith-Stein-Str. 4
93055 Regensburg

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